Grandparents as Parents (GAP)

In 2009, the Batesville School District started the GAP (grandparents as parents) program, which serves those who find themselves becoming the primary caregiver to their grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, etc.  In the past, this program has provided support and connections to resources to those involved.  As we move forward, the GAP program will seek to provide grandparents and guardians with access to resources that will better enable them to care for their children.  We aim to educate them of their rights, to provide them with the opportunity to network with each other, and to connect them to community services.  As guardian-grandparents, you will face many new issues as you deal with your children's health and development in addition to social, legal, and medical issues.

Grandparents need help in connecting to key areas that can provide some relief and support.  some of which include:

  • Medicaid information
  • ARKids information
  • Food Stamp information
  • TANF information
  • WIC information
  • Link to School Based service worker
  • Respite information
  • Legal issues
  • Link to early care and preschool
  • Link to early childhood screenings
  • Tax information and benefits

It is very important to the Batesville School District that our children's caregivers have every resource necessary to meet our children's needs. The better grandparents are at meeting challenges facing them, the better the children in their care will be.  The Batesville School District traditionally strives to create a strong connection between the school and home, and we hope to strengthen that connection specifically with our students' grandparents.

Click here to email director, Codi Ribitzki, at  or call 870-793-0627 for more information.

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